Welcome to Scripting for Educators @ Cybernetic Meadows

Several years ago I set up Cybernetic Meadows to provide information on the two topics that interested me most:

The work of Richard Brautigan and

Creating Interactive Web-Based Language-Learning Activities

A strange combination of interests? Perhaps.

But back in 1967 Brautigan was already writing about

a cybernetic meadow
where mammals and computers
live together in mutually
programming harmony
It was my intention to create a website where technology and imagination would combine to offer the visitor the best of both worlds – and hopefully some of those who came to learn how to put together an activity for their students would click on the link to the Brautigan Archives and be captivated by Brautigan’s imagination.
Shortly after I set up the website my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and my priorities shifted. I no longer had the energy to work on the site nor the patience to undo the damage done periodically by a combination of hackers and spammers. It’s been almost two years since my father died, but now the story is repeating itself with my mother.
In the past few months several people have written me asking where they could get hold of some games I put together years ago. That made me think that maybe I should update the code. I have been scripting mostly in Flash/ActionScript but with so many students using iPads, which are incompatible with Flash, I am starting to look into HTML5, not to substitute the work I have been doing in Flash but to complement it. As I put together new scripts, I would like to have a place to share them with others who might find them useful. And with that intention in mind, I have started this site.
As a first entry I will post a link to three of the quiz games I shared with the educational community years ago. They are in DHTML and I have not tested them in all browsers, but they should still work. Feel free to use and modify them as you see fit. I only ask that you do not charge for them, that you use them only for educational purposes and leave the reference to the author in the code. If you like, send me a link to the activities you have created/modified and I may link to them from this site.